Thank you for joining us for

idaho's 1st nft exhibition +
web3 educational community event
presented by dot (kate ellwanger), rob glass, lucas campbell, james waugh, yanna lantz
sponsored by SuperRare, Catalog,, BANKLESS, Fire Eyes, Nosotros Tequila, Stanton Barrett Family Wines, Metasill


nft exhibition
 friesen+lantz: 320 1st ave n, ketchum


september 1-5, 2022

digital art+music from emerging+established artists

Barbara Vaughn
Whiskey Black

friday | september 2, 5:00-7:30pm 

gallery walk

DJ set by Funkhauzen
Tequila tasting with Nosotros
Wine from Stanton Barrett

panel discussions
friesen+lantz: 320 1st ave n, ketchum


saturday | september 3, 5:00-5:45pm
what is an nft?

blockchain tech+web3

into the metaverse


saturday | september 3, 6:00-7:00pm

music nfts x sonic summit panel

Dot (Kate Ellwanger)

Cooper Turley

Lenny Skolnik (Water & Music)



after party + concerts
whiskeys bar + lounge 

251 N Main St, Ketchum


friday | september 2, 9:00-12:00am

nft sv opening concert 
$15 presale | $20 at the whiskeys door



Dot (live with band)

Pat Lok
Cloudest Speaker

saturday | september 3, 9:00-1:00am
web3 concert
$15 presale | $20 at the whiskeys door

Street Fever

Mike Penthouse


NFT SV: a five-day educational and community event that will highlight the impact and importance of digital art as it relates to our modern world. Our goal is to bring together traditional collectors with artists of an entirely new medium so that both can learn and explore this fascinating frontier together.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are more than just certificates of ownership in some far away database. They represent the future of ownership in the coming decades. More importantly, they have broken down barriers in the artistic community that have existed for centuries. We hope you will join us in engaging with this new technology and digital medium as we learn together what is possible in the future of art


DOSAGE 1 is a reflection of our modern, collective urge to fix complex issues with instant and simple actions, like a Tylenol to a headache. We want the serotonin boost of an Instagram like or the convenience of Instacart applied to our health, happiness, or any emotion plucked from the spectrum. Insta – the prefix of the modern, AI, digital age.


Whiskey Black Pharma, a stand-in for any omniscient and malignant conglomerate, seeks to remedy any woe you could have with a single pill, wrapped in a shiny, clickable targeted ad. They have enough of your personal data to get you to buy anything you’re insecure about, so that you can move onto the next obsession. It asks the question, if you could live your life with cheat codes, would you? And if you did, would it really make it that more fulfilling? 


Markus Kanzler, the face behind Marterium, is an artist from Germany who is deeply passionate about the exploration of form and color. Understanding each combination of these as a different language. On his journey he tries to capture abstract ideas and translate them into fascinating and captivating compositions.


My waterscapes present a juxtaposition of real and surreal, and the resulting ambiguity invites us to decipher the truth. Drawn by the magnetism of water and the mystery of abstraction, I've endeavored to marry the two by capturing reflections of ordinary scenes in moving water. 

sonic summit 2022


Sonic Summit 2022 is the first annual collector’s retreat for Dot’s music community – anyone who holds one of Dot’s music NFTs is airdropped an Adventure Pass that grants access to the event. One of the first on-chain and artist-led events of its kind, this three-day retreat will take place alongside NFT SV, and offer additional activities and experiences that are exclusive to Dot’s collectors, including hiking, yoga, and hot springs adventures, all directly hosted by the artist. 


“I am so excited to create an experience for collectors that is more intimate and immersed in nature — it gives me a chance to write and perform music that wouldn’t make sense to play on a huge festival stage or in a club, but is music that I am so passionate about writing and performing live. While I’ve previously used my NFT utility to give collectors guest list access to my shows and festivals, this unlocks a whole new kind of experience and opportunity for both artist and fan. To be able to write for performance and distribution contexts of my own creation is exactly why I was drawn to Web3 in the first place, and is very important to me as an independent artist.


Sun Valley also holds a very special place in my heart, which is why it’s so meaningful for me to connect with fans and collectors in person at this location, instead of limiting communication to surface-level interactions on social media. These mountains have shaped me into the person that I am as well as influenced the music that I create -- I spent most of my summers and winters out here as a kid, as well as lived here on and off full time in adulthood. I'm eager to share this place with friends and community who will also appreciate and show respect for the area. I have a lot of experience hosting artist retreats out here over the years, and I'm excited to open this up to collectors and music appreciators to come and make some memories here too.” - Dot (Kate Ellwanger)



320 1st Ave. N.
Ketchum, Idaho 83340


320 1st Ave. N.
Ketchum, Idaho 83340


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